There Are No Coincidences

I don’t believe in coincidences and yet this looks like one. A gentleman came into my office offering better rates for credit card processing. I had done business with him prior through my bank. We were discussing the aromatherapy side of my business (Awakening Spirit) and he asked if I ever thought of getting into CBD. I had but there was too much red tape that I wasn’t that interested in it.

We continued to chat about things and decided we would start a CBD business. We would take the Awakening Spirit line and add CBD to it in order to fund the new startup. We were going to come from a different angle. We tested the product on 10 people who had a variety of ailments. The response was amazing!!

I kept hearing from people that they spent huge amounts of money on CBD and it didn’t work. I even read labels that had THC in it and it didn’t work. I could not understand how CBD wasn’t working. 

I went further into research and realized that hemp oil is not the same as CBD. I learned about Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolates. We currently have CBD isolate in our products. Down the road, when we are not cash poor, we will be adding a Broad Spectrum line to our product offerings. I can only imagine what a broad spectrum will do with the huge results we have received with the isolate.

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