My Animal Got Me Into the CBD World

I wanted to share how an animal got in the CBD world. We all have rather unique stories about how things come about and this is one of those stories. April, my cat pulled her hair out. I had tried everything to help her. When I was in my local pet store, I mentioned it to the clerk. He asked, “Have you ever thought of CBD oil?” He directed me to where it was. 

I picked up two bottles, one made with hemp oil for $75 and another with CBD for $60. Realizing my ignorance, I made a decision that I would not buy anything until I learned more about the differences.
First of all, I knew I could get quality hemp oil for a fraction of the cost. The other bottle had CBD with a few things after it and I had no clue what they were.

I started to research the difference between hemp oil and CBD. Like most people, I had to continue to dig deep to really learn what was going on with hemp and CBD products to understand what I was buying. Being an uneducated consumer and harming my cat was not an option.

The more I researched, the more I learned about the benefits of CBD and also the fraud that is in this industry.

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