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Leslie CromwellLeslie Cromwell, TX
I have an old lower back injury from falling off a horse when I was 13 that has plagued me off and on ever since. I’m 52 now so I’m VERY familiar with what it feels like when I overexert myself and irritate it. It usually starts with just a twinge of pain in a specific spot. Within a few hours I’m in excruciating pain. Last year I had an episode that lasted for two months. I could barely walk, I couldn’t get out of a chair or my bed by myself, I couldn’t sleep. Two months is the fastest I’ve ever recovered because I was getting regular treatments from my chiropractor and a man I know who uses alternative healing techniques like the BEMER and Bowen Therapy. A few weeks ago I had to deal with some unruly dogs and I tweaked it again. This was right before Thanksgiving and not a time I could be out of commission. I put Pain Away directly on the spot where the injury is and got off my feet. I was just waiting for the pain to really hit but it never happened. About once a day for 4-5 days I’d feel a twinge again and I’d put more Pain Away directly on my back and carry on as usual. This is amazing and such a relief to me! I’ve spent 40 years with this cropping up and taking me out with months of misery and Pain Away stopped it in its tracks. I’ve been studying CBD oil and how it works but I had no idea it could be this effective! I’m sticking with Grandma’s Natural Remedies from now on. They’re affordable and they actually work!

Bruce DelgrassoBruce Delgrasso, CO
Experience: 10 Pain Relief: 8 Lasted: about 6 hours Smell: I found the smell pleasant and the consistent easy to spread over my skin. Repurchase: Yes. The first place I applied it I noticed reduced pain in about 5 minutes. Then I applied it on my other hand it took a couple of tries to find the right spot for maximum effect, significant pain reduction.


Kristin HarrisonKristin Harrison, CO
I’ve been a cosmetologist for 37 years and I sometimes stand for over ten hours a day. I’ve had hip pain for the last ten years with no relief. I recently tried the PAIN AWAY from Grandma’s Natural Remedies. I had instant relief and am now able to focus on work instead of the pain. I apply it first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon and it helps me get through well into the evening. PAIN AWAY has been a life saver for me!


Brad Voight TX

Wendell RahorstWendall Rahorst, Disabled Veteran, OR
Nothing I ever used before worked on the pain in my right hand. The knuckle bones and bones around them were smashed in 1989. At this point, they occasionally swell to twice it’s normal size and has continual pain. I rubbed some of the product on to my right hand and the pain and swelling slowly subsided over about 20 minutes. The pain and swelling did not return until the next morning. This product was successful in doing what no other item, even prescriptions pain relievers, were able to do. I would suggest to anyone who has pain to try this topical product for relief.

Gerald MascarenasGerald Mascarnes, NM
I had come to you seeking relief from lower back pain due to nerve problems in my lower back and legs. Sitting or standing for any length of time resulted in severe back pain and muscle spasms. I have tried many different forms of relief; massage, physical therapy, and over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and a tizanidine, both which gave me an upset stomach after standard doses. It should be noted that my back pain also led to insomnia where it was difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep.
In January 2020 after visiting my workman’s comp doctors, I began using Ibuprofen and Tizanidine. I started using Grandma’s Natural Remedies oils, anxiety relief 50 mg CBD. I do not feel any side effects. With Grandma’s Natural Remedies on my lower back, I can fall asleep and stay asleep.
I have noticed a difference when taking medication. Grandma’s Natural Remedies makes me relax even though I still have nerve damage in my lower back and it still relieves the pain.
Thank you Grandma’s Natural Remedies.

Maureen RobinsonMaureen Robinson, CO
Experience: 10 Pain Relief: 10 Lasted: Eight to ten hours. After three days the injury was healed. No more pain. Smell: Yes Repurchase: Yes. This product is not just a pain reliever but it healed the muscle and tissue in three days and that is the real value of this CBD lotion.


Brebecca PattonRebecca Patton, CO
Experience: 10 Pain Relief: 8 Lasted: 4-8 hours Smell: Yes Repurchase: Yes. Product provided pain relief and allowed me to sleep well. I will continue to use product until I can have my injury repaired and no longer experience pain. Would recommend it anyone needing healing.


Sal CanalesSal Canales, CO
Experience: 10 Pain Relief: 5 Lasted: 2 hours Smell: It didn’t smell like pot. Repurchase: Yes. I needed a little stronger dose. My pain went away for about 8 hours. I was able to work without having discomfort to my hand.


Nick Dekrell, Disabled Veteran, CO
Experience: 10 Pain Relief: Started with a 7 ended up pain free Lasted: 8 plus hours Smell: Very enjoyable Repurchase: Absolutely. How do I order and Share your information?

Lolly Wanker, CO
Experience: extremely a ten Pain Relief: went all the way to a one from a ten Lasted: Minimum eight hours Smell: Absolutely the best products I’ve ever used Repurchase: Definitely yes. Share this product viral.

Amanda Quillen, CO
Experience: 10 This Product truly works! Pain Relief: I’ve had CarpalTunnel for a long time. I tried the CBD lotion and I began to feel Relief Immediately! This Product is like nothing I’ve ever tried. Lasted: I have been using this Product for Two weeks and I am Happy to Report that I am still pain Free Smell: The smell is Refreshing and Clean, the consistency is perfect. Repurchase: I am a Forever Customer, I am doing things that I haven’t been able to do before trying the CBD lotion. I Love to Write and Create Art. My pain so was intense that even holding a Pen is unbearable, to be able to Write and Paint etc… is Amazing! Your Product has given Me My Life Back! Thank You for Helping Me!

The FDA made me change the Pain Away and Anxiety Relief names. Pain Away is Movement and Anxiety Relief is Brave Heart.