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About Us ~ MY STORY
I got into this business because one of my cats pulls her hair out. I had tried everything to help her. When I was in my local pet store, I mentioned it to the clerk. He asked, “Have you ever thought of CBD oil?” He directed me to where it was. 
I picked up two bottles, one made with hemp oil for $75 and another with CBD for $60. Realizing my ignorance, I made a decision that I would not buy anything until I learned more about the differences.
First of all, I knew I could get quality hemp oil for a fraction of the cost. The other bottle had CBD with a few things after it and I had no clue what they were.
I started to research the difference between hemp oil and CBD. Like most people, I had to continue to dig deep to really learn what was going on with hemp and CBD products to understand what I was buying. Being an uneducated consumer, harming my cat was not an option.

Felix and Shadow
Felix & Shadow

The more I researched, the more I learned about the benefits of CBD and also the fraud that is in this industry. 
A gentleman came into my office to give me a better option for credit card processing. I had done business with him prior through my bank. We were discussing the aromatherapy side of my business (Awakening Spirit) and he asked if I ever thought of getting into CBD. I had but there was so much red tape that I wasn’t that interested in it.
We continued to chat about things and decided we would start a business. We would take the Awakening Spirit line and add CBD to it in order to fund the new startup. We decided we were going to come from a different angle. We tested the product on 10 people who had a variety of ailments. The response was amazing!!
I kept hearing from people that they spent huge amounts of money on CBD and it didn’t work. I even read labels that had THC in it and it didn’t work. I could not understand how CBD wasn’t working.
I went further into research and realized that hemp oil is not the same as CBD. I learned about Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolates. We currently have CBD isolate in the products but will switch over to Broad Spectrum. I can only imagine what a broad spectrum will do with the huge results we have received with the isolate.

Then I had to figure out the licensing. Was that a nightmare! I ended up getting in touch with the Division of Marijuana to find out what I was. Can you imagine? I had no idea what I was because I did not fall into any of the categories. 
I received an email and a phone call from the Division of Marijuana and was told I was classified under “Industrial Hemp.” I was not under the strict regulations of the Division of Marijuana. I was under the Department of Agriculture.
Next was finding a bank and credit card processing. Another nightmare! I realized at that point that all those companies claiming to be selling CBD either weren’t or were doing things illegally.
At that time (2019) there were only seven banks in the United States that allowed CBD customers. (That number has gone up significantly.) I found two of them in Colorado. I was actually already banking with one of them. They gave me permission (which took a month) to open a bank account with them. 
Getting credit card processing was even worse. The fees were astronomical. I would be out of business before I opened my doors with the fees alone. After contacting several companies, I finally found one and they were able to get the fees to a more reasonable rate. There were still several hoops to jump through before I received the processing.
This has been the hardest business I have ever started. I am doing things right. Our products are third-party tested to verify the validity and potency of what is in the product (cannabinoids, terpenes) and to verify that there are no contaminants or heavy metals in the product.

During this process, I got a six-week-old kitten. A very cool little cat. When he was seven months old (March 2020) we had to rush him to an emergency animal hospital because he suddenly started panting and was obviously in extreme distress. He had fluid on his lungs and was immediately put on oxygen. After multiple tests, he was diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma. The tumor was throughout his lungs and pushing up against his heart and trachea. I was devastated. I decided I was going to fight for his life since he wasn’t giving up yet. After a couple of days of IV antibiotics, his lung capacity had improved enough that we could bring him home, but he was a long way from being a well cat.

The biggest kicker of this is that my vet x-rayed him in December 2019 when he was neutered and found nothing. Yet three months later the lymphoma encompassed his entire chest cavity. There is no way it wasn’t there three months before since he was born with this condition. It was hidden from all of us until March 14th (my birthday). 
Along with his medication, we started giving him CBD isolate in organic hemp seed oil to see if we could reduce the tumor. I started on a low dose and increased it over the next few days. Shadow, the cat, was given 150 mg of CBD in hemp oil orally twice a day.
After the first dose we gave him, all the water he was carrying around left his body! I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, within about 4-6 hours, the fluid returned. What I learned was that Shadow willingly took the CBD. He liked it. It brought him comfort and induced his appetite. 
I am very sad to report Shadow did not make it. He was drowning in his own fluids and suffocating as well. Unfortunately, he was so sick before he became symptomatic that we just didn’t have time to treat him before his suffering became extreme. It is very sad that this amazing kitten, so full of love and joy, has been taken away from us so soon. Had I known earlier about his condition, I would have started this treatment sooner and maybe he would still be alive today. 

I am even more committed to helping animals after this. No owner should have put an animal down before its time. We started growing the plant so Shadow would get more nutrients from the plant to reduce the lymphoma (and that plan is still in the works as well as moving to broad-spectrum CBD instead of the isolates). I know in my heart I could have saved him if I had more time. But I could not watch him suffocate. He had the best last hour of his life by being outside in the sunshine and blue skies in the spring. He pushed himself to play one last time and then we said good-bye.

About us ~ MY STORY
I got into growing cannabis because my father could grow everything and I killed everything! When Shadow got sick, I wanted to help save his life. I learned that we could use the whole plant in smoothies to received even more health benefits. I decided that I would learn to grow the plant and give Shadow the plant to eat. He was taking the CBD tincture we made for him without any problem and he loved to eat grass so I thought, “Why not?” I bought seeds and started growing them but it was too late. Shadow passed away. In doing the research for Shadow, I also discovered how much therapeutic benefit this plant has for many different health issues in animals and people.  I am more committed than ever to continue to grow these plants, increase my knowledge and make sure that no one ever has to lose a pet because they don’t have access to the right remedies.

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