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We understand what it's like to live in pain because we've been there, too

Have you ever wondered, ‘Is it possible to live life pain-free’? 

I’m Kathleen Flanagan, and I created Grandma’s Natural Remedies from a simple belief: no person or animal should live their life in pain.

When you are suffering physically, life can feel unmanageable. Sleep is elusive, movement is limited, and even your favorite activities lose their luster.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through routine application, CBD has transformed my life and the lives of those I love the most. I’ve witnessed firsthand the ways CBD can help restore balance and promote lasting wellness to the body, mind, and spirit – and it’s my joy to share the healing benefits of this miracle plant through carefully crafted tinctures, lotions, and balms.

Ready to begin your journey to wholeness? Shop our wide range of expertly crafted products and get back in control of your life today.

CBD isn't just for humans - it's for pets, too

Shadow - Kitten in a box

In the spring of 2020, our cat Shadow was diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma. Along with his medication, I began giving him a daily dose of CBD, and was amazed when his painful symptoms began to disappear after the very first dose. Shadow’s experience of relief and comfort showed me the positive impact CBD can have not only on people, but on animals, too.

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